Vocational Training

This is tailoring different education programs to the specific community members according to the effective support the trainings will provide.

This is achieved through the following;

  1. ICT Training
  2. Basic  technical and vocational Training
  3. Life Skills
a) ICT Training

Technology is currently been embraced in all fields of practice, from science oriented professions to business oriented professions. It’s due to this reason that we have invested in educating the community on ICT. This Course training is conducted in our current Office in Machakos sub county, town center, John Mulwa Building 2nd floor. 

  1. Equip the community with skills and knowledge on ICT in order to help them be more marketable.
  2. Nurture competent students in the ICT world as well as equipping them with an aim and opportunity for them to further their studies.
  1. We provide a certified trainer who runs the course training on a contract basis that favors both the student and the curriculum. 
  2. Certificates of graduation to the Students which is recognized in the job market and meeting the education standards.
  1. Positive feedback from alumnae on the impact and benefits derived from the Training. 
  2. It has been a source of income for the Organization since it has also worked as a Cyber café, helping us sustain most of our programs and day to day activities.
  3. We have as at now trained 22 students, majority being youth. This has helped us eradicate high dependency and idleness. Something that has been a challenge in the focus community.
b) Basic tailoring training programme

The Program is focused on equipping Enterprise groups with basic tailoring skills. This is currently running in 5 groups across Machakos County. This is done in sensitive consideration of Social Inclusion where the groups are diverse and are open for the general members of the community.

  1. Equip enterprise groups with skills to make them more sustainable.
  2. Provide Basic skills that can be passed on to generations for sustainable community development.
  1. Identifying of Community enterprise groups that can effectively benefit.
  2. Follow up and survey on the enterprise group and the impact to be realized.
  3. Introduce the program and get feedback from the members.
  4. If the Program is well received, strategies on ways of implement the program.