ONDEN Project

ONDEN stands for Ondoku Denwa, which means “reading aloud on the phone” in Japanese.

ONDEN provides opportunities to Kenyan women and teen mother’s;

  • Make steady income 
  • While encouraging the learners in Japan

Our tutors will;

  • Make a call through our app
  • Six days a week
  • On a fix time

to listen and encourage the students’ reading.

Our methods have resulted in;

  • Good grades in English exams
  • Great progress in English conversation skills and
  • Build confidence in students

Being ONDEN tutors means;

  • To be conncected with students aroud the globe
  • to support and encourage them to learn more
  • which gives joy to the tutors as well as the students 

We promote;

  • Steady income
  • True learning and
  • World peace!