Leadership & Governance

Our approach

Light of hope uses workshops and annual events where a platform is created to educate the youth on leadership, also it provides a place where the youths interact freely with each other.

We also work towards providing Employability knowledge and develop skills to the youth.

  1. Developed the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals especially students.
  2.  Provided a platform for the Youth, women and the disabled to engage and network with employers.
  3. Came up with solutions on how to reduce interdependency and establish self-reliance.  
  4. Positive feedback from alumnae on the impact and benefits derived from the Training. 
  5. Trained 5 groups and positive feedback of the program.
  6. Groups have grown economically to accommodate more members.
Strategic areas addressed in leadership & governance
  • The role of Youth in attaining vision 2030

Programs & Services

Inclusive Neighborhood Spaces (INS)

This program is initiated to nurture, empower and transform the young generation in the community to take active responsibility as citizens for their destiny, where it provides platforms for young people and their communities can share, raise their ideas and skills and explore innate abilities towards lasting sustainable development goals in education.

This program is to be implemented in schools where they are to form Elimisha Dada Clubs which has creative ways to engage the community children in achieving and owing spaces that exist and creative ways of filling them, this is through empowering them with 21stcentury skills like:

  • Learning skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Innovative and ICT savvy  skills

With the above skills we expect to see children talking with children on issues affecting them as they feel free enough to air their own views to the elders or even authorities.

We believe children are the best to speak for themselves and it is easier to craft/mentor a strong child than to repair a broken adult.

For the children voices to amplified the Elimisha Dada Clubs(EDC) in Schools are to be empowered hence form an National EDC Parliament where issues of children rights like education, gender violence, child molestation and sexual harassment are addressed on a national platform.

Mtaa yangu program

The program aims at creating platforms where local young people can interact with each other and have contact with like-minded organizations. 

In this way they can be informed and sensitized about different topics such as leadership, HIV/AIDS, Environment Conservation and Entrepreneurship in order to be active in the development of their own community.

The desire to value the local environment is also clear from the name of the program which comes from Swahili words “Mtaa”Meaning “Community” and “Yangu”which means “My.”

In line with this purpose Light of Hope Youth Initiative organizes 4 annual events

  • Light of Hope Annual Soccer Tournament event
  • Machakos Annual Clean-up event
  • Machakos Talent Search event
  • Machakos Tree Planting event